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Platinum Authorized Distributor for Xytronic  Xytronic

Welcome to Assembly Outfitters

Assembly Outfitters has revolutionized the electronic industry by offering high quality low cost soldering stations, soldering irons, replacement parts, chemistry, tools, test equipment, components, ESD products, workbenches, dry cabinets, from such companies as: XYtronic-USA, PDR-America, Botron, MG Chemicals, Master Appliance and many more with products like ESD mats, wrist & foot straps, electronic cleaning supplies, fluxes, capton and other tapes, ESD garments, pliers, cutters, tweezers, testing meters, solder, cleaning wipes, heat guns, and more available at a fraction of the industry's marked up prices.

We research manufactures all over the world for the most technically advanced products to sell online as well as staying committed to help keeping our environment clean by offering a comprehensive selection of RoHS compliant electronics and accessories. We currently offer a multitude of well-known manufacturer brands in the electronics industry at the lowest possible prices.

We are committed to our customer’s needs and welcome all feedback positive or negative to help bring the best possible online experience to our consumers. Also by providing it at the lowest possible price combined with our expert customer service dedicated to make you our top priority.